Antique Silver Cheroot or Cigarette Holder Case


Silver antique cheroot or cigarette holder case. This lovely little silver collectable would once have hung from a man’s Albert chain, alongside his pocket watch and other useful items. Or, from a ladies chatelaine. It has a full English hallmark for Chester 1900.

Today it certainly can be used for its original purpose, as a decorative item for dressing in period, or repurposed and used as a charming pill pot/container or needle case. Because it has a hanging loop it could go on a chain and be worn around the neck, pendant fashion. The hinge and lid are in very good condition, work well and fit snuggly. The loop for hanging it is also secure. This item has a small indent near the hanging loop as it was used for purpose and this only adds to its appeal from its previous life.

Measures approx: 5.5cms (length) x 1.5cms diameter, tapering to an oval base of 1cm x 0.7cm.

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